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Add a little fun to the aesthetic of any room with our handmade Gold marbled booty pots! All pots come with drainage holes necessary for plants, but are very multifunctional! Add pens & pencils, kitchen utensils, candy, toothbrush & toothpaste, or other cheeky bathroom items, these booty pots are perfect for anywhere and make excellent gifts!


Each pot is made from a mixture of low aggregate cement mixed with a variety of pigments, paints, and dyes to achieve its metallic sparkle finish. 


All pots are made to order - each one is hand-mixed, poured, and sealed with a high gloss sealer to maintain the integrity of the color and protect anything you choose to put inside. Please expect variation in each item in both pattern and air bubbles as this marbling technique ensures that each product is one of a kind. 


~4.7" H ~4.3"W 

Gold Marbled Booty Pot

  • Please note that no two marbled pieces are alike. The marbling pattern will be similar to, but different from, the picture. 

    These pots can be used both indoors and outdoor, however, indoor is preferred. If used outdoors, please understand that extreme temperatures may cause cracking and fading which Fern & Folk is not responsible for.

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