Fern Plant


Our Story

In the Spring of 2020 in the early months of Covid lockdown, Stephanie Riley found herself buying more plants and incorporating them into the general aesthetic of the home she shares with her husband and business partner, Dustin. After a few months inside with a house full of curious pets (including a new puppy), and a plethora of new plants, the idea of hanging shelves came to mind. Dustin made a prototype of what Stephanie was envisioning, and the first hanging shelf was born.

The shelves were a hit with the local online plant community! Stephanie saw this as an opportunity to showcase items she has always enjoyed creating. Their vast product line now includes propagation stations, an array of cement pots, jewelry, candles, small business support accessories, hand-burned wall decor, and kitchen wares! Everything is handmade by Stephanie in their backyard studio and proceeds from the business go towards funding IVF. In 2020 they discovered having natural children would result in a 50% chance of them inheriting a rare genetic degenerative disease - with this business and a bit of science their hope is to have a helper soon! 

Aside from their own popup markets, Fern & Folk is now proudly available in Baltimore at Kelley Gardens, B.Willow, and Greenfields Nursery. They are also available at Meet.Plant.Love's mobile plant popup, and in Frederick at VintageMC! 

Fern & Folk is now also happy to offer custom workshops for all occasions. Please message @fernandfolkhomedesign on Instagram or Facebook for rates.

The Baltimore-based couple loves spending time home propagating and growing plants and creating new products with their three dogs, and two cats! Stay tuned for more exciting growth!